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Title: "It was sex pollen!" (Or, how to have a weird day on the USS Enterprise)
Pairing: Jim Kirk / Leonard McCoy
Authors: [ profile] amine_eyes  and [ profile] brytewolf  :D
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Oh God we most certainly do not own xD
A/N: I ... honestly don't know how this came about xD Started as a reply to [ profile] brytewolf 's "Horseflesh and Cowboy Hats" comment fic on the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor feature on [ profile] jim_and_bones , and randomly grew into ... well, epic crack of crackness. I think that's the only way to describe it xD. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did when writing :)
Warnings: Highlight to see - [Crack, swearing, implicit rimming, voyeurism]



"So how exactly did they find out about us having sex? Jim?" )


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Title: "Won't you come into my lair?", said the spider to the fly ...
Characters: Peter Mandelson, David Cameron
Rating: PG
A/N: another comment fic! This political RPF is for the prompt of having David Cameron and Peter Mandelson ... and we all know that Mandelson is secretly the Prince of Darkness / a vampire xD

Yeh ... my mind is seriously twisted ...xD


"I'm in Downing St, I'm Prime Minister, dear sweet Mary and Joseph I'm Prime Minister!!!" )


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Title: "Moonshine and Baby Names ..."
Characters: Kirk, McCoy, pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Beta: the ever so helpful and wonderful [ profile] iantosgal !
Summary: Scotty's latest batch of moonshine + Jim = Panic attacks for Leonard ...
Disclaimer: I don't own them, yadda yadda etc. etc.

A/N: This is a birthday fic for the lovely and most fantastic [ profile] sororexitium ! Somehow Gemma and I managed to hide it from her (we even code-named the fic Operation BetaBirthdayCrack - BBC for short xD), and get it written and beta-ed without detection :D. The totally awesome crack-inducing name was taken from "Why you gotta waste my (Vulcan) Flava?" by the amazing [ profile] therumjournals (fully recommend it btw :D)

See if you can spot the mystery guest Kim!

Have an absolutely brilliant birthday bb, and I'll spam your inbox as soon as the clock hits midnight over here :D 



"Now THAT, Bones, was a good party!" )


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This was a three word prompt by [ profile] iruse234 on kirk_mccoy, and I thought ... why not? :P

Rating is PG-13, beta-ed by [ profile] sororexitium, and naturally I do not own these characters - if I did, there would have been a HECK of a lot more smouldering sex glances between Jim and Bones xD

" ... Should I even bother asking?" )

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In a bid to cheer myself up after the angst in "Darkness to Light", this came about. Complete Crack, rated NC-17 due to McCoy having such a dirty mind :P
Beta-ed by the lovely [ profile] sororexitium  :D
Wordcount : 2796 :)


It wasn't even 3pm, and Leonard McCoy was desperate for a drink ... )


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Woah I am FULL of writing this week!

After writing the Bones / Vaako epic, I desperately needed some cracky fluff, and I remembered that me, Shona and Lorna have had a writing challenge over the last couple of weeks, and I hadn't got round to writing mine, simply becuase this Bones / Vaako epic took all of my creative space like the greedy people they are xD

Half an hour later, one beta - and have a crack fic - which is ORIGINAL FICTION! WTF! I can write stuff that's NOT fanfiction? What is the world coming to ... xD

the challenge involved 2 girls and a boy, length 2 pages, had to be comedy / drama, and involve a flower pot about five inches high .

Let the madness begin! xD )


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