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Title: "Spitfire Summer"
Author: [ profile] amine_eyes
Artist: [ profile] flyingmachine
Mixer: [ profile] xlcatloveress
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura and Kirk/Gaila (secondary pairings)
Rating: NC-17 due to the end and the swear words throughout the piece 
Word Count: 36,760
Warnings: (if applicable) smut (at the end), WW2 AU 
Betas: [ profile] sororexitium and [ profile] suddensmiles

Summary:Jim's had easier summers than this - the rest of Europe being subjected to German Occupation, America refusing to get itself involved, flying with the RAF to try and stop the Luftwaffe from destroying them and ultimately Germany from invading Britain, and falling in love with his best friend - but he wouldn't be Jim if he went for the easy option, would he. 

Link to Mix: Link Pending :)

Notes: Oh GOD it's over :D. This is the culmination of prodding and poking by Kim and Gem about me writing a Big Bang about Jim Kirk flying Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, many cups of tea and bars of chocolate, lots of whining on my front for how big this was getting and then the kick up the backside from Kim, Gem and Alice to make me keep going, lots of hours spent in the library devouring books on the Battle of Britain, and lots of studious procrastination from uni work :) This wouldn't have happened without the aid of so many of you it's almost unbelievable, the love and support in this fandom is amazing :D Most of all, I'd like to thank:

[ profile] jim_and_bones  - for Word Wars and encouragement, I wouldn't have kept going if it weren't for you awesome people that make the comm the place to be :)
[ profile] laughinggas13  - for many hours squeeing / ranting about our respective WW2 AUs, sharing of research, and always being so helpful and awesome :)
[ profile] iantosgal  - for always being there with support and ideas, and generally being a BAMF :)
[ profile] suddensmiles  - There is no way I can even begin to say how much you have done to get this presentable. You put up with my horrific grammar, my mauling of the English language and my inability to write for more than a page without mucking up the basic rules of grammar. The hours you spent mauling this to death so that it can be presented to the outside world is something I will always be grateful :) Added to that the research that you did for me, the random conversations via e-mail, and the sheer BAMFery that you display means that I am for ever in your debt :) *squishes you*
[ profile] sororexitium  - BB, this is all your fault :P THANK YOU for making me stop saying I wanted to write this and making me actually go out and write this, for being there to randomly rant with about history, to squee with about things that hadn't been written but sounded cool in my head, for comforting me when the magical idea wouldn't work on paper, for breaking my writer's block by chatting away, for making me realise what things needed changing, for reminding me that plotlines should be tied off and not left hanging, and for being the most BAMFiest of BAMFs in the history of BAMFs :D Quite frankly, this wouldn't have been written without you :)

And everyone who gave me the support to get this written :D

Disclaimer: Yes, I own these characters, that's why I'm a penniless student writing these ideas on the internet and not putting them in the sequel ... :D 

Link to parts:
Part 1/6
Part 2/6
Part 3/6
Part 4/6
Part 5/6
Part 6/6
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Title: "It was sex pollen!" (Or, how to have a weird day on the USS Enterprise)
Pairing: Jim Kirk / Leonard McCoy
Authors: [ profile] amine_eyes  and [ profile] brytewolf  :D
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Oh God we most certainly do not own xD
A/N: I ... honestly don't know how this came about xD Started as a reply to [ profile] brytewolf 's "Horseflesh and Cowboy Hats" comment fic on the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor feature on [ profile] jim_and_bones , and randomly grew into ... well, epic crack of crackness. I think that's the only way to describe it xD. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did when writing :)
Warnings: Highlight to see - [Crack, swearing, implicit rimming, voyeurism]



"So how exactly did they find out about us having sex? Jim?" )


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Title: "Love and Duty"
Pairing: Kirk / McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: comment-fic from the [ profile] jim_and_bones  comm (join, you know you want to! Lots of pretty pictures :D)
A/N: Un-betaed, full of angsty-angst of angstness, inspired by the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor posts of last week :) 
Disclaimer: Seriously, if you still think I own them after all these pieces of fiction, you must be mistaken :D

"I thought you had more stuff than this ..." )

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Title: "The Trials of one James Tiberius Kirk - (Or, Five times he tried to have sex with Bones and failed miserably)"
Pairing: Kirk / McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: All Jim wants is fantastic sex with Bones, is that so much to ask?
Beta: the wonderful [info]sororexitium  :D
A/N: This is set in the same magical 'verse as "I'm so awesome!", "Had a good day Captain?" and "Work and relationships do NOT mix!" - namely, Admiral Sellick!Verse :D (God, I thought up a name for it xD)
Disclaimer: Do not own, yadda yadda etc etc

Here is part two :D

 Previous Part: Take 1 of Jim's attempt to have sex with Bones ...

"It had been a week since the failed attempt between Jim and Bones to have mind-numbingly awesome sex, and this time, Jim was prepared ..." )



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Pairing: Kirk / McCoy
Rating: R
Summary: A sequel to "I'm so awesome!", due to people wanting to see what happened next :P
A/N: Beta-ed by the lovely  [ profile] sororexitium , I tried to make it porny, it went smutty and plotty instead :)



"Leonard sauntered down to medical, whistling and enjoying the panicked looks it caused on varying crewmen ..." )


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So, I fully blame [ profile] skyblue_reverie's awesome series, "To Talk of many things", but I am now hooked on Pike/McCoy as a legitimate pairing (they will never be my OTP, that's Kirk/McCoy all the way, however I do tend to slash him with everyone ... xD), to the point that I am now pimping out this brand new community!

So folks, if you're into this pairing, and if you think you could be with a bit of persuasion, head over to [ profile] pikemccoy for some quality stories!

Also, [ profile] kirk_mccoy is pure WIN for the sheer variety of stories, art, discussions and love that is there :)

Love to all! :D
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This was a three word prompt by [ profile] iruse234 on kirk_mccoy, and I thought ... why not? :P

Rating is PG-13, beta-ed by [ profile] sororexitium, and naturally I do not own these characters - if I did, there would have been a HECK of a lot more smouldering sex glances between Jim and Bones xD

" ... Should I even bother asking?" )

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In a bid to cheer myself up after the angst in "Darkness to Light", this came about. Complete Crack, rated NC-17 due to McCoy having such a dirty mind :P
Beta-ed by the lovely [ profile] sororexitium  :D
Wordcount : 2796 :)


It wasn't even 3pm, and Leonard McCoy was desperate for a drink ... )


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Title: Methods of persuasion
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: 15 (film classification anyway :P)
Disclaimer: Yes, I do own the rights to Star Trek - the next film will consist purely of Jim and Bones throwing each other smouldering looks and then finally getting it on ... If only xD
Summary: Jim Kirk cheats xD



Jim Kirk cheats xD )





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