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Title: "One two three ..."
Fandom: STXI
Characters: McCoy, Kirk
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Contains: Dialogue only
Beta: None
Summary: McCoy tries to teach Jim to dance ...
A/N: Written for this prompt on [ profile] buckleup_meme: I'm a sucker for daaaaaaaaaancing. Starfleet's gotta have fancy balls, right? :)
Disclaimer: Don't own!

"Aaand one two three, one two three, step ball change, and then AGHH!!!" )


Title: "Bedtime"
Fandom: STXI
Pairing: McCoy/Kirk
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff :)
Beta: None
Summary: Jim reads David a bedtime story :)
A/N: Written for this prompt on [ profile] buckleup_meme: Jim Kirk Discovers True Love™ :D
Disclaimer: Don't own, never will own!

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ..." )


Title: "Dearly Beloved"
Fandom: STXI
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Jim and Bones on their wedding day :)
A/N: Written for the prompt Jim's last day as Playboy of Starfleet on the Flash Fic challenge on [ profile] jim_and_bones :)
Disclaimer: Don't own, never will own!
"He's taking deep breaths, conscious of how the dress uniform raises up slightly as he does so, of the scratchiness of the collar coming into contact with his newly cut hair ..." )


Feb. 14th, 2011 08:10 pm
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Title: "Fragile"
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: PG-13 :) 
Beta: [ profile] sororexitium
Summary: #11 - TOUCH ME: Bones is the one who gets nailed by the anti-sex-pollen (or alien curse) and literally gets a jolt of severe, debilitating pain every time he touches someone, or someone touches him. This is a rather large problem given his position as physician on the Enterprise -- not to mention Jim not being able to keep his hands off. So how do they solve this problem?

Bones' POV: "Wheels of the Juggernaut" PG-13 by [ profile] spikeface  :)

A/N: This was done for the "Sweethearts" challenge over at [ profile] jim_and_bones , and the banner was made by the awesome [ profile] spikeface :D
Disclaimer: Of course I own this, this is why I'm a penniless student ...

"It's one of these missions again, Jim thinks as he jumps over a fallen branch, dodges a rifle blast and skids along the ground as he runs as fast as possible ..." )


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Title: "Dance with the Devil"
Characters: Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy
Rating: R for implied themes of violence
Summary: Leonard was being offered a very competitve package ...
A/N: commentfic for the "Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor" posts on jim_and_bones, Mafia!AU :)
Disclaimer: I own them! ... damn, back to reality ...


"Leonard shuts his eyes in an attempt to block out what's happening, but it only makes his heart pound louder ..." )



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