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Title: My Husband Catches Criminals
Character: The Missus
Rating: PG
Summary: She tries not to notice how he's changed.
A/N: This is a sequel of sorts to "Going Under", from the viewpoint of the Missus. We (as far as I remember) never find out her name in canon, if we have, then I am more than happy to correct it :) The title is mostly taken from Marion Cotillard's song in "Nine", "My Husband Makes Movies" which sums up the sort of feel I'm going for in this :)


"You're coming up the path with a heavy bag of shopping, and Agnes from number forty-two waves from her door, hurrying over ..." )


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Title: "Going Under"
Fandom: Life on Mars
Characters: Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler, Test-Card-Girl
Beta: Self-Betaed
Summary: Gene's been taken, and the Test-Card Girl is in his head ...
A/N: This was written in response to [ profile] fern_tree's absolutely riveting piece of art called "Found"  which is horrifingly beautiful and brought out the hurt/comfort bunnies in multitudes :D Seriously, go look at it, her style is gorgeous and affects the heart so much :D
Warning: Contains torture of Gene Hunt, and the Test-Card Girl, who is damn creepy.
Disclaimer: Seriously, I would know by now if I owned these guys :)

"She laughs most days, it echoes off the walls and Gene has given up singing the rudest songs he knows to counteract it ..." )


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