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Title: "Two Goldfish"
Characters: Narrator, and Agent Smith
Fandom: Original Fiction!
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
A/N: Written due to a 'competition' between me and my littlest sister, I decided to take a trope and be very mean to the poor goldfish xD
Summary: It is day 57 of our captivity ...
Disclaimer: I actually own this! :D

"Day Fifty-Seven of our captivity. 12 pm ..." )
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This is my version of "Little Red Riding Hood", written so I could write "What big ears you have ..." which isn't posted here yet, and hopefully I'll use it to write a nice dark version for a MirrorVerse style something or other. It does end a little differently to the traditional tale ... :)

Not mine yadda yadda yadda :D

"Once upon a time ..." )


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Woah I am FULL of writing this week!

After writing the Bones / Vaako epic, I desperately needed some cracky fluff, and I remembered that me, Shona and Lorna have had a writing challenge over the last couple of weeks, and I hadn't got round to writing mine, simply becuase this Bones / Vaako epic took all of my creative space like the greedy people they are xD

Half an hour later, one beta - and have a crack fic - which is ORIGINAL FICTION! WTF! I can write stuff that's NOT fanfiction? What is the world coming to ... xD

the challenge involved 2 girls and a boy, length 2 pages, had to be comedy / drama, and involve a flower pot about five inches high .

Let the madness begin! xD )


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