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Title: "Dear Admiralty ..."
Rating: R for the swearwords
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be
A/N: Un-betaed, for the prompt challenge over at [ profile] jim_and_bones  of "insubordination". Greatly influenced by the events tonight (well, the tone is anyway), try and guess whether it's Jim or Leonard speaking :D

"Dear Admiralty ..." )

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Title: "Lunchtime and socialising"
Characters: Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy
Rating: PG-13, purely for the solitary swearword of Leonard's. (No, I can't believe he only swore once either xD)
Summary: It's been a month since Leonard joined Starfleet, and he can't hide from the cadets forever ...
A/N: Set in the magical 'verse known as Admiral Sellick!Verse (snappy I know xD), beta-ed by the wonderful [ profile] sororexitium  :D
Disclaimer: Yes, I own these fictional characters, the next movie will consist of ninety minutes of them having sex. If only ...


"Great. He had to go socialise ..." )
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Title: "The Trials of one James Tiberius Kirk - (Or, Five times he tried to have sex with Bones and failed miserably)"
Pairing: Kirk / McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: All Jim wants is fantastic sex with Bones, is that so much to ask?
Beta: the wonderful [info]sororexitium  :D
A/N: This is set in the same magical 'verse as "I'm so awesome!", "Had a good day Captain?" and "Work and relationships do NOT mix!" - namely, Admiral Sellick!Verse :D (God, I thought up a name for it xD)
Disclaimer: Do not own, yadda yadda etc etc

Here is part two :D

 Previous Part: Take 1 of Jim's attempt to have sex with Bones ...

"It had been a week since the failed attempt between Jim and Bones to have mind-numbingly awesome sex, and this time, Jim was prepared ..." )



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Title: "Hopelessly Addicted"
Pairing: Jim / Gaila, Jim / Bones (unrequited?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's not that Jim doesn't appreciate Gaila ...
A/N: This is comment fic inspired by [ profile] 7ofeleven 's icon in a comment on [ profile] nikki4noo 's journal (read her new entry! Just not at work!), and the susbequent prompt. Darn you enabling woman xD. Un-betaed, and no, I don't own them ... *sighs* Title taken from the Corrs' "Hopelessly addicted" :D


"It's not like Jim doesn't appreciate Gaila ..." )



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