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Hmmm ... work, or Livejournal, work or .... Livejournal!

I'm a history loon student at uni, and I fully enjoy getting to read lots and lots of books, being encouraged to answer back, and the knowledge that my dissertation is going to be about shiny planes and stiff upper lips otherwise known as the Battle of Britain :D

My writing is weird at best, and I have a terrible habit of seeing hot men and going "Whump Hammer!" Sometimes, this urge is merely satisfied by adding in humour, or a eensy bit of angst, other times, this manifests itself as angsty angst of angstness - in the worst cases, it is combined with porny porn of smutty smut, and thus there is no hope for these poor fictional characters and fictional interpretations of people whatsoever. As I tend to use this for ranting and all that stuff aswell, the personal entries are friends-locked, while the fiction is public :)

If spellchecker didn't exist I would go and cry in a corner ... seriously. In my Individual Assignment, I spelt pilots five different ways in one paragraph, and NONE of them were right ...

I have a wide variety in music, films, the arts in general, I like my humour dark, if I don't have at least one cup of tea a day I die ... Oh, and my liver is non-existent due to being a student - either that or it's pickled, haven't worked out which yet lol.

Lovage to all :D

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