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Figured might be a plan to sort this out, in order to make it easier to find stuff:

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of these respective fandoms or people etc etc, if it does resemble a RL situation, then the world is rather off-kilter :P Besides, if I owned this lot, would I be a student? :D

Enjoy! :D

Edit: I think that's everything on here! :D

Original Fiction: 

"What to do with a broken Flower Pot ..." - humour
What's a mum to do when she sees the kitchen like this?

"Little Red Riding Hood" - fairytale, PG-13, quite dark :)
Once upon a time, there was a little girl, called Little Red Riding Hood ...

"Two Goldfish" - humour, G
Day Fifty-Seven of our captivity. 12 pm

Star Trek:

"Springtime" - Kirk/McCoy (eventual), General, R for dealing with Tarsus IV and implications thereof.
"It's springtime where the colony is located." Written for the [ profile] tarsus_iv_fic  challenge :) 

"That Morning Feeling" - Kirk/McCoy, romance, PG
Sometimes, it's nice to take the little pleasures in life ...

"It was Sex Pollen! (Or, how to have a weird day on the USS Enterprise)" - Kirk/McCoy, humour, NC-17 as contains voyuerism and implicit rimming. Written with [ profile] brytewolf  :D
Why Jim should never be allowed access to recording equipment ...

"Fragile" - Kirk/McCoy, hurt/comfort, PG-13
Written for the "Sweethearts" challenge on [ profile] jim_and_bones , prompt being "Touch Me: Bones is the one who gets nailed by the anti-sex-pollen (or alien curse) and literally gets a jolt of severe, debilitating pain every time he touches someone, or someone touches him. This is a rather large problem given his position as physician on the Enterprise -- not to mention Jim not being able to keep his hands off. So how do they solve this problem?

"I need to leave my own head for a while" - McCoy/Chekov, angst, NC-17, original character death, 2nd Person POV
Prompt on stxi_sinfest by [ profile] hilsongirl  :)

Three Fics for the Price of One :) - McCoy and Kirk, McCoy/Kirk, McCoy/Kirk, Fluff, G
Three fics for prompts on [ profile] buckleup_meme and [ profile] jim_and_bones :) 

Admiral Sellick! Verse:

"Lunchtime and Socialising" - Kirk, McCoy (pre-slash), general, PG-13
It's been a month since Leonard joined Starfleet, and he can't hide from the cadets forever ...

"Trial of James Tiberius Kirk" - McCoy/Kirk, humour and romance, R/NC-17
Five times that Jim that tried to have sex with Bones, and failed miserably ;D 
Links through for each part :)

"Work and Relationships do NOT mix!" - McCoy / Kirk, humour, R / NC-17 
Leonard McCoy has a bad day at work. Jim Kirk tries to make it better ...

"I'm so awesome!" - McCoy / Kirk, humour, PG-13
Prompt challenge on [ profile] kirk_mccoy  :D

"Had A Good Day Captain?" - Kirk/McCoy, humour, R
What happened after Jim won the bet? 

"Methods of Persuasion" - Kirk/McCoy, humour, PG-13, dialogue piece
Jim cheats ...

"Moonshine and Baby Names" - Kirk, McCoy, preslash, humour, PG-13
Scotty's latest batch of moonshine + Jim = Panic attacks for Leonard ...


Crossovers of StarTrek:

"Darkness to Light" - Vaako/Bones, Angst, NC-17
Vaako and Bones don't want to be alone anymore ... 

"Warning: Time Travel is Erratic!" - McCoy/Kirk, humour, PG-13
Days like this shouldn't really be so common ...

Alternate Universes:

 "Face-palming and embarassment (Or, how Spock is NEVER going anywhere with Jim and Hikaru EVER again)"  - Spock/Nyota, McCoy/Kirk, Sulu/Chekov, humour, NC-17
Spock is invited to a guy's day out ... 'interesting' things ensue.

"Spitfire Summer - McCoy/Kirk, WW2 AU, NC-17 due to swearwords and smut at the end :)
Jim's had easier summers than this - the rest of Europe being subjected to German Occupation, America refusing to get itself involved, flying with the RAF to try and stop the Luftwaffe from destroying them and ultimately Germany from invading Britain, and falling in love with his best friend - but he wouldn't be Jim if he went for the easy option, would he.  

"Solanaceae" - McCoy/Kirk, MirrorVerse, NC-17
Jim can never resist a challenge ...

"Dance with the Devil" - Kirk, McCoy, drama, R for implied violence
Leonard was being offered a very competitive package ...




 "Please don't stop the music" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban,mix of genres, R
10 song challenge :D

"Field Studies - Or, Ten things Chris found out about Karl Urban" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, mix of genres, PG-13
Misconceptions, thoughts, and little things that Chris found out about Karl Urban ...

"Field Studies - Or, Ten things Karl found about Chris Pine" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, mix of genres, PG-13
Misconceptions, thoughts, and little things that Karl found out about Chris Pine ...

"Unexpected Behaviour" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, NC-17, romance?
Chris would like to disprove the notion that Karl always tops thank you very much ...

"Wanna light?" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, NC-17, romance?
It takes one week for Chris to realise he's in serious lust with this man ...

Three Comment-fics from the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor posts :D - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, from PG to R, range of genres
Three comment-fics from [ profile] jim_and_bones , collected into one post :)

"Why Chris isn't allowed on photoshoots anymore" - Chris Pine / Karl Urban, R
Karl would like ONE set of photos where he''s not looking like he's been mauled ...

- Ed Byrne / Russell Howard, humour, PG-13
A snapshot into life on the 'Mock the Week' set ...

"The Code" - Ed Byrne / Russell Howard, angst, R
If you live by the Code, that defines you, makes you who you are ...

"This isn't possible!" - Nick Clegg, the Doctor, humour(ish), PG
"Somewhere in his head are thoughts that scream you are in a machine which can't possibly exist, what the hell do you think you are doing on the eve of the most important night in your life!, but they're being drowned out by the over-riding thought of I'M IN A SPACESHIP!!"

"Won't you come into my lair?", said the spider to the fly ... - David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, dark humour (if you enjoy the idea of David getting his come-uppance xD), PG
"i'm in Downing St, I'm Prime Minister, dear sweet Mary and Joseph I'm Prime Minister!!!"


"Protection" - Griffin and David, general, pre-slash, R (due to Griffin's foul mouth xD)
It was official, David couldn't protect a bug on a windscreen, let alone Griffin's back

"Making Love, or Having Sex?" - Griffin / David, humour, PG-13

How would the two of them define having sex?

"Checnya" - Griffin, David, pre-slash, PG-13 (mostly due to Griffins's foul mouth xD)
Would David really have left Griffin behind?

"Umbrella" - Griffin, David, pre-slash, PG
The boys are growing closer ...

"Snores" - Griffin / David, slash (implied! :) ), PG
David snores too loudly ...

Life on Mars:

"Going Under" - Gene Hunt, The Test Card Girl, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, R
Gene's been taken, and the Test-Card Girl is in his head ...

"My Husband Catches Criminals" - The Missus, Angst, PG
She tries not to notice how he's changed.

The Eagle:

"Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo" - Esca, Marcus, Comedy, Gen, R for insults :)
In Esca's defence, it had been a very long day ...

"Five Times Esca and Marcus got run out of town, or, Travel Diaries!" - Esca, Marcus, Comedy, Gen, G
Esca and Marcus' thrilling adventures! ;D

"Smile" and "I think I'll call it Morning" - Esca, Marcus, Esca/Marcus, Angst and General, G and R
Two fics for the price of one :D

Horrible Histories:

"Last one to the enemy buys the drinks in Berlin" - Blenkinsop/Maltravers, Angst, R
The night before they go over the top ...

"Fever and Silk" - Charles II/Sotheby, Smut, NC-17
Charles II's attempt to make Sotheby not worry anymore. So far, it's working ...

"Tissues and Touches" - Charles II/Sotherby, Fluff, G
Sotherby is suffering from a cold, Charles II tries to make it better ...

"Steel and Shot" - Admiral Nelson, Captain Hardy, William Beatty, Gore, AU, R
In the middle of the Napoleonic Wars, the crew of the HMS Victory are busy fighting the French. And zombies.

"Early Morning" - Blenkinsop/Maltravers, Fluff, G
A brief peek at their life post-war ...

"If I could be a Superhero" - Rattus Rattus, Dave Lamb, Adventure, PG
An accident in the time-sewers leads to people throughout history getting superpowers, and it's up to Dave Lamb and Rattus Rattus to get them back ...

"The Cleverest of Them All" - Pirate Captain!Mat, Porn with vague semblance of Plot, NC-17
He's the cleverest pirate of them all ...

"There are Days" - Blenkinsop/Maltravers, Angst, G (Offscreen Character death)
Sometimes there are good days. Sometimes there are okay days. Sometimes bad days. And sometimes there are days in between.

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