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Title: "Smile"
Rating: G
Genre: Angst :)
Fandom: The Eagle
Characters, Esca, Marcus
Beta: None
A/N: A very little fill for this prompt at [ profile] the_eagle_kink :)
Disclaimer: Never mine :D

Summary: It takes a lot for him to smile these days ...

"It takes a lot for him to smile these days ..." )

Title: "I think I'll call it Morning"
Rating: R for morning sex :)
Genre: Fluff 
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Beta: None
A/N: Written for this prompt at [ profile] the_eagle_kink. Title taken from Gill Scott-Heron's "I think I'll call it Morning" :)
Disclaimer: Don't own! :D

Summary: Marcus snores. Esca solves the situation.

"There's a dragon chasing Esca across the hills, roaring loud as thunder, coming closer, and closer ..." )
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Title: "Five Times Marcus and Esca got run out of town, or, Travel Diaries!"
Rating: G
Genre: comedy
Fandom: The Eagle
Characters: Esca, Marcus
Beta: None
A/N: Written for this prompt at [ profile] the_eagle_kink :)
Disclaimer: Don't own, never will own :D

Summary: Esca and Marcus' thrilling adventures ;D

"Remind me to never let you into a tavern again!" )
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Title: "Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo"
Rating: R for insults
Genre: Comedy
Fandom: "The Ninth Eagle"
Characters, Esca, Marcus
Beta: None
A/N: written for this prompt at [ profile] the_eagle_kink :)
Disclaimer: Not mine, never mine :)

Summary: Esca snaps during a formal dinner. Hilarity ensues :)

"In Esca's defence, it had been a very long day ..." )

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Title: My Husband Catches Criminals
Character: The Missus
Rating: PG
Summary: She tries not to notice how he's changed.
A/N: This is a sequel of sorts to "Going Under", from the viewpoint of the Missus. We (as far as I remember) never find out her name in canon, if we have, then I am more than happy to correct it :) The title is mostly taken from Marion Cotillard's song in "Nine", "My Husband Makes Movies" which sums up the sort of feel I'm going for in this :)


"You're coming up the path with a heavy bag of shopping, and Agnes from number forty-two waves from her door, hurrying over ..." )



Feb. 14th, 2011 08:10 pm
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Title: "Fragile"
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: PG-13 :) 
Beta: [ profile] sororexitium
Summary: #11 - TOUCH ME: Bones is the one who gets nailed by the anti-sex-pollen (or alien curse) and literally gets a jolt of severe, debilitating pain every time he touches someone, or someone touches him. This is a rather large problem given his position as physician on the Enterprise -- not to mention Jim not being able to keep his hands off. So how do they solve this problem?

Bones' POV: "Wheels of the Juggernaut" PG-13 by [ profile] spikeface  :)

A/N: This was done for the "Sweethearts" challenge over at [ profile] jim_and_bones , and the banner was made by the awesome [ profile] spikeface :D
Disclaimer: Of course I own this, this is why I'm a penniless student ...

"It's one of these missions again, Jim thinks as he jumps over a fallen branch, dodges a rifle blast and skids along the ground as he runs as fast as possible ..." )


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Title: "Going Under"
Fandom: Life on Mars
Characters: Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler, Test-Card-Girl
Beta: Self-Betaed
Summary: Gene's been taken, and the Test-Card Girl is in his head ...
A/N: This was written in response to [ profile] fern_tree's absolutely riveting piece of art called "Found"  which is horrifingly beautiful and brought out the hurt/comfort bunnies in multitudes :D Seriously, go look at it, her style is gorgeous and affects the heart so much :D
Warning: Contains torture of Gene Hunt, and the Test-Card Girl, who is damn creepy.
Disclaimer: Seriously, I would know by now if I owned these guys :)

"She laughs most days, it echoes off the walls and Gene has given up singing the rudest songs he knows to counteract it ..." )
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Title: "Spitfire Summer"
Author: [ profile] amine_eyes
Artist: [ profile] flyingmachine
Mixer: [ profile] xlcatloveress
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura and Kirk/Gaila (secondary pairings)
Rating: NC-17 due to the end and the swear words throughout the piece 
Word Count: 36,760
Warnings: (if applicable) smut (at the end), WW2 AU 
Betas: [ profile] sororexitium and [ profile] suddensmiles

Summary:Jim's had easier summers than this - the rest of Europe being subjected to German Occupation, America refusing to get itself involved, flying with the RAF to try and stop the Luftwaffe from destroying them and ultimately Germany from invading Britain, and falling in love with his best friend - but he wouldn't be Jim if he went for the easy option, would he. 

Link to Mix: Link Pending :)

Notes: Oh GOD it's over :D. This is the culmination of prodding and poking by Kim and Gem about me writing a Big Bang about Jim Kirk flying Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, many cups of tea and bars of chocolate, lots of whining on my front for how big this was getting and then the kick up the backside from Kim, Gem and Alice to make me keep going, lots of hours spent in the library devouring books on the Battle of Britain, and lots of studious procrastination from uni work :) This wouldn't have happened without the aid of so many of you it's almost unbelievable, the love and support in this fandom is amazing :D Most of all, I'd like to thank:

[ profile] jim_and_bones  - for Word Wars and encouragement, I wouldn't have kept going if it weren't for you awesome people that make the comm the place to be :)
[ profile] laughinggas13  - for many hours squeeing / ranting about our respective WW2 AUs, sharing of research, and always being so helpful and awesome :)
[ profile] iantosgal  - for always being there with support and ideas, and generally being a BAMF :)
[ profile] suddensmiles  - There is no way I can even begin to say how much you have done to get this presentable. You put up with my horrific grammar, my mauling of the English language and my inability to write for more than a page without mucking up the basic rules of grammar. The hours you spent mauling this to death so that it can be presented to the outside world is something I will always be grateful :) Added to that the research that you did for me, the random conversations via e-mail, and the sheer BAMFery that you display means that I am for ever in your debt :) *squishes you*
[ profile] sororexitium  - BB, this is all your fault :P THANK YOU for making me stop saying I wanted to write this and making me actually go out and write this, for being there to randomly rant with about history, to squee with about things that hadn't been written but sounded cool in my head, for comforting me when the magical idea wouldn't work on paper, for breaking my writer's block by chatting away, for making me realise what things needed changing, for reminding me that plotlines should be tied off and not left hanging, and for being the most BAMFiest of BAMFs in the history of BAMFs :D Quite frankly, this wouldn't have been written without you :)

And everyone who gave me the support to get this written :D

Disclaimer: Yes, I own these characters, that's why I'm a penniless student writing these ideas on the internet and not putting them in the sequel ... :D 

Link to parts:
Part 1/6
Part 2/6
Part 3/6
Part 4/6
Part 5/6
Part 6/6
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Title: "Solanaceae" 
Original Fic: "A Member of the Nightshade Family" 
Pairing: Jim Kirk / Leonard McCoy
Rating: NC-17 to be on the safe side :)
Warnings: MirrorVerse - casual killing of people, twisted values, offers and bribery.
Betas: The wonderfully awesome [ profile] nenya24 , and the wonderfully amazing [ profile] suddensmiles . Seriously, if not for them, I would still be in the "ARGH THIS SUCKS" phase :D.
A/N: This is a remix of "A Member of the Nightshade Family" by the wonderful [ profile] savoytruffle  (Go read!!! It's awesome!!!) for the Mirrorverse Remix challenge on the [ profile] issenterprise  community :). Comes out at 5,586 words, involved much heading of desk. and the eventual disconnection of the internet in order to be written.
Summary: Jim can never resist a challenge ... 

"Jim's not stupid. He knows that from the first moment his Captaincy was announced, records have been rifled, enquiries have been started, and fear has worked its way into hundreds of hearts across the Empire as they try to work out why he has been given the flagship of the Imperial Fleet." )
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Title: "Face-palming and embarassment (Or, how Spock is NEVER going anywhere with Jim and Hikaru EVER again)"
Pairings: Kirk / McCoy, Spock / Uhura, Chekov / Sulu
Rating: NC-17 for safety :P
Disclaimer: I don't own, I wish I did, but I'm not lucky enough to :)
Summary: Spock is invited to a guy's day out ... 'interesting' things ensue.
A/N: So, I'm supposed to be writing my Big Bang, I casually peruse the kink_meme, and find THIS prompt: "AU, Bones is a pornstar not a doctor, and Jim is his biggest fan. They meet at a porn convention, and decide to have sex." This little passive-aggressive octopus attaches itself to my laptop and basically decided that I should write this. I couldn't stop myself. It is un-betaed, but will be reposted if any corrections are needed to be made :).


"You impersonated rabid fangirls, because of a porn convention?" )
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Title: "It was sex pollen!" (Or, how to have a weird day on the USS Enterprise)
Pairing: Jim Kirk / Leonard McCoy
Authors: [ profile] amine_eyes  and [ profile] brytewolf  :D
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Oh God we most certainly do not own xD
A/N: I ... honestly don't know how this came about xD Started as a reply to [ profile] brytewolf 's "Horseflesh and Cowboy Hats" comment fic on the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor feature on [ profile] jim_and_bones , and randomly grew into ... well, epic crack of crackness. I think that's the only way to describe it xD. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did when writing :)
Warnings: Highlight to see - [Crack, swearing, implicit rimming, voyeurism]



"So how exactly did they find out about us having sex? Jim?" )


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Title: "Dance with the Devil"
Characters: Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy
Rating: R for implied themes of violence
Summary: Leonard was being offered a very competitve package ...
A/N: commentfic for the "Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor" posts on jim_and_bones, Mafia!AU :)
Disclaimer: I own them! ... damn, back to reality ...


"Leonard shuts his eyes in an attempt to block out what's happening, but it only makes his heart pound louder ..." )


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Title: "That morning feeling"
Pairing: Jim Kirk / Leonard McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes, it's nice to take the little pleasures :)
A/N: inspired by the semi-weekly man on man posts on [ profile] jim_and_bones , the particular picture is under the cut :) Unbeta-ed
Disclaimer: I own them! ... / dreams

"He's woken by soft kisses along his temples, along the corners of his eyes ..." )
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Title: "Why Chris isn't allowed on photoshoots anymore ..."
Pairing: Chris Pine / Karl Urban
Rating: R
Summary: Karl would like ONE set of photos where he doesn't look like he's been mauled ...
A/N: comment fic for jim_and_bones "Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor" posts, unbeta-ed
Disclaimer: I own them! ... in my dreams ...

"Come on Karl, you know you look better when you're rumpled!" )

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Title: "Dear Admiralty ..."
Rating: R for the swearwords
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be
A/N: Un-betaed, for the prompt challenge over at [ profile] jim_and_bones  of "insubordination". Greatly influenced by the events tonight (well, the tone is anyway), try and guess whether it's Jim or Leonard speaking :D

"Dear Admiralty ..." )


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