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Title: "Why Chris isn't allowed on photoshoots anymore ..."
Pairing: Chris Pine / Karl Urban
Rating: R
Summary: Karl would like ONE set of photos where he doesn't look like he's been mauled ...
A/N: comment fic for jim_and_bones "Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor" posts, unbeta-ed
Disclaimer: I own them! ... in my dreams ...

"Come on Karl, you know you look better when you're rumpled!" )

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Well, much as I love spamming my friends-list, thought this way would be easier :D. As always, I do not own these fictional interpretaions of their public personas, and if you honestly thought I did, well ... why?

Anyway, onto the fics :)

"The Name's Pine ... Chris Pine", PG-13, Karl and Chris, crack like a cracky sandwich :), inspired by the Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor posts on [ profile] jim_and_bones  :D

"In retrospect, telling the paparazzi to go fuck themselves while jumping off the pier and into the waiting boat, wasn't one of Chris' better ideas ..." )


"Is that a dead animal on your face, or did you just forget to shave?" - Karl / Chris, humour / romance, R, inspired by the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor posts on [ profile] jim_and_bones  :D

"What the hell is that on your face? A dead animal?" )


"If I could write poetry ...", Karl / Chris, romance, PG-13, inspired by the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor on [ profile] jim_and_bones  :D

"He wishes he could write poetry sometimes ..." )



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Title: "Wanna light?"
Pairing: Karl Urban / Chris Pine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Chris realises he's in serious lust with this man ...
A/N: Beta-ed by the lovely [ profile] sororexitium , was comment-fic on [ profile] jim_and_bones  and now tidied up, inspired by these pictures from monday's Daily Captain and Daily Doctor :)
Disclaimer: COME ON!! honestly, you think I own them???

"It takes one week for Chris to realise he's in serious list with this man ... )


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