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Figured might be a plan to sort this out, in order to make it easier to find stuff:

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of these respective fandoms or people etc etc, if it does resemble a RL situation, then the world is rather off-kilter :P Besides, if I owned this lot, would I be a student? :D

Enjoy! :D

Edit: I think that's everything on here! :D

Original Fiction  )

"Star Trek" )




Jumper )

Life on Mars: )

"The Eagle" )

Horrible Histories: )

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Title: "Two Goldfish"
Characters: Narrator, and Agent Smith
Fandom: Original Fiction!
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
A/N: Written due to a 'competition' between me and my littlest sister, I decided to take a trope and be very mean to the poor goldfish xD
Summary: It is day 57 of our captivity ...
Disclaimer: I actually own this! :D

"Day Fifty-Seven of our captivity. 12 pm ..." )
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Title: "The Trials of one James Tiberius Kirk - (Or, Five times he tried to have sex with Bones and failed miserably)"
Pairing: Kirk / McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: All Jim wants is fantastic sex with Bones, is that so much to ask?
Beta: the wonderful [ profile] sororexitium  :D
A/N: This is set in the same magical 'verse as "I'm so awesome!", "Had a good day Captain?" and "Work and relationships do NOT mix!" - namely, Admiral Sellick!Verse :D (God, I thought up a name for it xD)
Disclaimer: Do not own, yadda yadda etc etc

"Jim, you wouldn't know a 'proper Southern good time' if it did the dance of the seven veils in front of you." )

 "Part 2 ... Jim tries again ..."

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Title: "Won't you come into my lair?", said the spider to the fly ...
Characters: Peter Mandelson, David Cameron
Rating: PG
A/N: another comment fic! This political RPF is for the prompt of having David Cameron and Peter Mandelson ... and we all know that Mandelson is secretly the Prince of Darkness / a vampire xD

Yeh ... my mind is seriously twisted ...xD


"I'm in Downing St, I'm Prime Minister, dear sweet Mary and Joseph I'm Prime Minister!!!" )



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